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Many large organizations and building owners want to secure their properties, business information and support staff efficiency. One challenge they face in serving their businesses is in reducing the amount the amount of time and resources it takes to choose the right security system. This can actually harm the organization instead of securing it. However recent technology offers innovative new ways that can dramatically save time, money and improve overall business efficiency.

Despite the availability of this new technology, some organizations still use outdated technology – the kind that makes staff punch in and out manually. They waste time on letting guests in. At some campuses, punching in and out goes through written checkpoints, which are not fully accurate. This dated practice not only wastes time but also allows for human error resulting in companies hiring extra staff for their security teams or receptions, which can lead to security guards losing their focus on extra tasks instead of securing the properties.

The right security system is vital to an organisations success however many businesses continue to make the wrong choices. The most common mistakes companies make in regards to their security is:

  • Making decisions without researching security needs, requirements, or best practices
  • Buying the cheapest available equipment without focusing on the security objectives you wish to achieve
  • Not signing an annual maintenance contract

Working with a trusted security specialist can help your business avoid these mistakes and discover a more effective and efficient security solution such as the solutions we will discuss now.

Biometric solutions such as biometric readers can scan fingerprints, eyes, or even the face easily and fast, resolving the issues faced using other out dated methods as mentioned above. Punching in and out or letting in people will take only a few seconds and there is no need for extra staff or badges. This system can be supported by software that will allow for the collection of valuable information and statistics. One manufacturer who used Biometrics has improved his production output by 10% just by saving 10-15 minutes of each employee’s time! The system also allowed the company to reduce the amount of security and reception staff making the security and reception function more manageable and cost effective. The application of biometrics is far reaching – just imagine a laboratory or premises where admittance is selective– A scan of finger prints, eyes or face would be difficult to cheat!

It is also possible to improve the efficiency of security guards. The Guard Tour System will track movement around secured areas and scooters will allow faster movement. Specialists also suggest installing perimeter solutions in order to provide immediate notifications on phones and computers. Security staff can be notified instantaneously of any break-ins, property damage, or unapproved guests.

Even in cases of danger or extreme situations there is innovative new security equipment that can be installed to stop vehicles on the spot.

If you’d like to discuss applying our security, IT or software solutions to your company, simply contact us by clicking this link. Our services save our clients time, and are designed to grow their businesses, increase revenue, and enhance profitability.

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