A Faster, More Accurate and Touch-less 3D Biometric Terminal

People not only want to go through a safe and secure check, but also want it to be more convenient and less time consuming. The 3D biometric terminal can be used for various settings – residential buildings, small and large enterprises, governments and institutions. Capturing the highest quantity of your finger print through its 3D and contact free sensor, it guarantees you better matching results and higher security than other biometric systems.

It is quick and saves you the time spent on finger scanning and failure to enroll with the most difficult fingers –so fewer errors!

It provides the best output in access control, time and attendance, civil and criminal identification. It can be used indoors and outdoors, and it is multifunctional.

It is highly accurate that it identifies users 100 % of the time and not just verifies them.

Visitors can also be registered right at the terminal.

It provides maximum security to the premises.

Its software and hardware are completely modular. You can configure it and have it customized according to your requirements. You can include your own messages, pictures or logos at minimum time and cost.

The solutions are modular and can be easily integrated with other systems. It also reduces the need for exceptional handling.

It is hygienic for sensitive users.

If you’d like to discuss applying our security, IT or software solutions to your company, simply contact us by clicking this link. Our services save our clients time and are designed to grow their businesses, increase revenue and profitability. 

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